Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 244 is generally available

Posted on 22. Oct, 2010 by in Exact Synergy

As of 18 October 2010, product update 244 is generally available. This marks the end of the controlled release for 244, which started on August 30 and had 33 participating customers.

In addition to new features such as quotations and a range of small changes and bug fixes, Exact Synergy Enterprise 244 includes several improvements in the focus areas of our product roadmap plans for 2010.

  • User experience
  • Mobility
  • Automation of professional services

We’ve created a nice landing page especially for update 244 that provides you with overviews and hyperlinks to all information you need on this update. Also, on our product blog, you can find the highlights of 244.

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For more information about this announcement, please contact Ronald Voets.

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6 Responses to “Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 244 is generally available”

  1. Robin den Buurman

    22. Oct, 2010

    Cool video on report subscription

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  2. synergyuser

    25. Oct, 2010

    Not too sure about the new design(?) although I do love the new skin in Globe! Maybe just need to get use to it!!

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  3. Robert Klein

    25. Oct, 2010

    The new design is clean, and minimal.

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  4. User

    26. Oct, 2010

    Payroll isn’t supported in Poland by Exact Synergy.. How can I hide this big button from Homepage? Is it possible to change its description?

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  5. Vincent Henricks

    26. Oct, 2010

    The new design is a preview version. We’re still working on new functionality, features and improvements. The payroll functionality as it is now will be moved to the Personal file page, where you can decide not to show/use payroll information.

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  6. User

    27. Oct, 2010

    Vincent, thanks for feedback. It makes our life much easier :) Stop discussion why Exact doesn’t support, etc.

    One little suggestion – it would be nice to have possibilty to create a new process flow from “New” button level.

    Other story, new interface is cool and modern. Waiting for more.

    Greetings from Poland.

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