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What are your emotions and feelings?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online, Exact Synergy

When you have interactions with products and services you get emotional involved. This is also true when having interactions with Exact and it’s influencing your experience, or better called your  User Experience (UX).

I’ve written about Functions and Features versus the User Experience, Simplicity being the new Gold, the Survival of the Sexiest and the fact that it’s all about the User. All these articles have in common that they are changing the mindset towards more focus for the end user of the products and services. I’ve created a short presentation on the progress to embed the User Experience in everything we do. If you can’t view the presentation below you can find it here.

Focus alone is not enough, it also requires special expertise and of course YOU! The user of our products and services as the main source of information on you emotions and feelings. If you want to participate, fill in a comment below or email at ux@exact.com

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  • Robert Klein


    The new Synergy screen is simple, minimal (Google), clean, layout is easy to navigate for any new user. Looks facebook like w/o the ads w a color scheme that is Apple like.


  • Aad 't Hart


    The preview of Exact Synergy is not yet a final design. It’s an impression of how we could create a simpler and easier to use Exact Synergy. We appreciate you feedback.


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