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Easy billing and subscriptions come together at Exact Online

Written by Lucie van Velze on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online is building a new subscriptions module allowing you to register, maintain and periodically bill all the subscriptions you sell. You can invoice a customer per subscription or you can consolidate all their subscriptions into one invoice.

Each subscription can have many items each with their own validity and pricing. To allow you to manage your subscriptions as easily as possible you can update prices easily in one step by updating the subscription item price; you can also quickly renew or cancel subscriptions.  To keep your customers informed about their subscription details you can send these by email or by a subscriptions document.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our pilot customers whose valuable feedback and comments are helping us to finalize the subscriptions functionality. We still welcome their feedback and look forward to implementing new ideas, suggestions and changes made by our customers.

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