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Back to school with Exact Online?

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact wants customers to be able to focus on what they are really good at:  their entrepreneurship.
A school director’s main focus is the education of his students. The time spent on administrative fuss should be reduced to a minimum. This idea is not new.

With the Dutch system LAR Exact already offers a student administration system for primary schools. But ICT has entered the world of elementary education in a broader way. Wished for are systems that not only support the registration of students.
In the Dutch market it’s now important that a system provides a solution for protecting the continuity of a student’s school career.

A mouthful meaning that it is essential that:
1. Student’s data is registered only once
2. After the initial registration the student’s data moves with him were ever  the path of his school career leads him to.

From a student administration system  this asks, beside the possibility to register a student, that it must be possible to exchange student data with all organizations that cross the student’s school career.

Examples of Dutch organizations that can come along during the student’s school career are:
• The school the student will attend for his/her secondary education;
• DUO for exchange of the student’s personal number (PGN) and the registration of a student in the domestic system BRON
• Other general platforms like for example a municipal platform that registers the timely drop out of students

Exact Online now offers the successor of LAR:  Exact Online Onderwijs (EN: Education).

In Exact Online Onderwijs the registration of student data and the possible forms of exchange of student data have been standardized. The system is developed in accordance with the standards that apply to the Dutch educational market.

Exchange of student data with PGN (Please click on the picture for a good view)

This standardization makes it possible to exchange relevant data with a variety of organizations in more than one way.
And this solution combined with the general Exact Online advantages, like there is no necessity to maintain administrative software anymore, makes life for schools really easier. Less time is needed to run the school’s administration and more time is saved for what a primary school’s entrepreneurship is all about: providing the best education they can.

The first schools are “back to school” with Exact Online Onderwijs.  Do you dare?

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