Easily enclose attachments to a workflow request

Posted on 08. Oct, 2009 by in Exact Synergy

Via this post I just like to share with you guys one of the upcoming things for Exact Synergy Enterprise. We have made it possible to direclty attach file(s) to a request. For instance directly attach a scanned receipt to an expense claim.

This addition comes on top of the existing option to directly create a document with attachments, to a request. This option can be very useful when the files you are attaching need specific Synergy links. The new option is there to make it simple to just attach a (set of) image(s) for instance.

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11 Responses to “Easily enclose attachments to a workflow request”

  1. Ronald Voets

    08. Oct, 2009

    This will be a part of product update 242 that will go into Controlled release mid-October

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  2. Robert Klein

    13. Oct, 2009

    I really like this feature to allow users to post multiple document to AR Collections, Help Desk / Customer Service process.

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  3. Corrie Balacy

    13. Oct, 2009

    Two-thumbs up for this feature! It will help us create request faster.

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  4. Nicole Lucas

    13. Oct, 2009

    That is a great feature – much simpler!

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  5. Scott Leete

    14. Oct, 2009

    This is makes it much easier to add documents (and as many as you would like). I like the capability. However, it brings to light new questions/challenges:
    1. Where are these attachments stored? Are they like normal document attachments?
    2. We haven’t added a way to search for these attachments, is that forthcoming?
    3. Is there are way to track if these attachments are removed, added or modified?
    4. Since these attachments do not use the normal document structure, they are not visible from the account, item, project card etc. It would be nice if adding these attachments to the request would automatically create a document in the background linking all of the metadata in the request that would be to an applicable document type.

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  6. Edgar Wieringa

    14. Oct, 2009

    @ Scott Leete

    When adding this functionality we clearly had the business context in mind where one wants to easily add ‘enclosures’ to a request. So files who reside their just to accompanyt request. For instance an expense claim. We have also added this on top of the functionality to add a document (including all it’s details) to a request. Which is in Synergy Enterprise much easier to do than with Synergy.

    Or as one of our stakeholders has put it “It’s a great way to record quickly and painlessly the little documents we all hand in sometimes, like doctor’s notes or checks for a refund.”.

    With regards to your questions, the attachments are stored in the attachments table. so they are like normal document attachments, however only attached to a request. So they will be available for searching as well via the enterprise search of our product. For your third question I am not fully sure what you are looking for, updating the attachment will also update the request and for instance change the modification date and time.

    Last but not least, we have chosen explicitly to store these not as Synergy document as well. Since for this we already have dedicated functionality. But feedback we got is that not every request attachment should require a document. Like in the past where a scanned receipt was both a document and part of a request. Or actually the document was the only vehicle to make it possible to attach to a request. I do hope you see the business scenario this is designed for.

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  7. René Fischer

    16. Oct, 2009

    This one I really enjoy. Would be very helpful especially for our customers to enter support requests with additional informations directly from the customer portal.

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  8. Menno Verbon

    25. Oct, 2009

    This is indeed a nice one

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  9. Ronaldo

    25. Nov, 2009

    I cannot agree that this function is great feature in current status. It completly destroys current model of document management in Synergy. Firstly, when you added documents using this new functions, you are not able to find it in Document Module. So curently part of documents you will have to search using Document module, other part using Workflow Module.
    So Gents, let’s think about possibilty defining default document type in each request definition. Then during adding new request to database, all atachements should get this parameter, additionally all master data from request should be copied to document master data. Then it should get any additional value in long-term using

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  10. donagorr

    28. Dec, 2009

    What necessary words… super, a magnificent idea

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  11. Edgar Wieringa

    22. Jan, 2010


    I am sorry to read that based on my posted you have gotten the impression that you can’t still (like you were used to) attach a document directly to a request (with one or more attachments). This is and will remain possible. This new option we have just added based on the various feedback and observations, that there are many files people just wanna attach to a request. Like with an expense claim for many companies there is no added value of storing the scanned receipt as a separate document.

    So it is an addition, which you are free to use. But you choose. So from this perspective I do not think there is any destroying :-). Apart from this your post is inspiring to check how to make it easier in case you do want to store the file(s) as a document while creating a request.

    So thanks and I hope I have set some things straight

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